How do I Convert Bin & Cue Video Files to AVI?

Updated July 20, 2017

BIN and CUE files are used primarily to store the contents of a DVD as a single file on a computer's hard drive. These files can be opened for viewing or converted to a more universal file type, such as AVI. Most programs that handle DVD conversions can also read and convert BIN and CUE files.

Download software to convert DVDs. Examples include Burn4Free, DVDFab, CloneDVD and Handbrake. Like the others, Handbrake is a free utility for converting video formats. It is available for most operating systems, including Windows and Mac. Handbrake will be used here for demonstration purposes as most other software operates in a similar fashion.

Launch Handbrake. After opening, Handbrake will ask you for the conversion source. Select the BIN or CUE file as a source and click on "Open."

Select a conversion template from the right column that fits your needs. You can choose the file type you wish to use and choose between high quality/high file size and low quality/low file size.

Click on "Start" to begin converting the video. This might take some time depending on your computer's processing power and the length of the video.


Video conversion can quickly consume available hard drive space, especially if lengthy or high-definition videos are being converted. Make sure to choose quality settings that best fit your system's available memory. If using a laptop computer, be sure to stay connected to a power source. Video conversions can quickly drain your battery. Do not copy DVDs that you do not legally own.

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