How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Toshiba Laptop

Written by peyton brookes | 13/05/2017
How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Toshiba Laptop
Bluetooth technology allows capable devices to share information wirelessly. (bluetooth headset on white 1 image by Tetiana Zbrodko from

Bluetooth wireless technology sends information--documents, media files or pictures, for example--between compatible devices without a wired connection. Key features of Bluetooth technology are its low power usage and economical cost, according to Bluetooth. Toshiba manufactures several laptops that come equipped with Bluetooth communication. Toshiba laptops offer two methods for enabling Bluetooth: the TOSHIBA assist utility and the Application Card shortcut. To use Bluetooth on your Toshiba laptop, you must enable the feature and "pair" it with another device to begin sending and receiving data.

Click the "Start" button and point to "All Programs." Point to "TOSHIBA" and "Utilities" then click "TOSHIBA Assist." The TOSHIBA Assist utility allows you to configure a number of your laptop's settings. The window provides four categories--Connect, Secure, Protect & Fix and Optimize--from which to choose.

Click the "Connect" link on the left side of the window. In the "Contents" portion of the window, you should see a Bluetooth icon.

Double click the Bluetooth icon and click "Enable Bluetooth."

Press and hold the function (Fn) key.

Click the "Stacked" card icon on the far right of your screen.

Click the Bluetooth icon card. Your Bluetooth option is now enabled.

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