How to Use an EyeToy Camera on a PC

Updated July 20, 2017

Sony PlayStation's EyeToy allows users to interact with their consoles through the use of video-captured motion detection. The gadget works for gaming on the PlayStation and can double as a high-quality webcam for video chatting on a PC. The EyeToy camera provides a higher level of video quality than most users would get with the average webcam, and it saves the time and expense of getting additional web cameras.

Plug the EyeToy camera into a computer with the USB cable that came with the Sony device. If you don't have the cable or have lost it, buy one at an electronics store. Take the EyeToy with you to ensure the cable you buy fits the device.

Close down the "Found new hardware wizard" menu that appears. Open the control menu and double-click on either devices and printers (for Windows Live and Windows 7), or system, then hardware, then device manager (for Windows XP, Vista or earlier versions). Windows Live and Windows 7 users will see the EyeToy on the list of devices. For users of XP, Vista or earlier operating software, click on the "+" next to imaging devices. This will reveal a drop-down list showing the EyeToy device with a yellow explanation sign next to it.

Read the last word in the device name--either Namtai or Logitech--to specify which model of EyeToy camera is plugged in. Download the drivers for the model (see Resource section). Use WinZip to unzip the downloaded file to a folder you will easily remember and be able to locate at a later date.

Right-click on the EyeToy on the device list in the control panel and select "update driver." When the installation wizard asks, "Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?" select "no, not this time." Click "next."

Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" on the following screen. Click "next."

Select "Search for the best drivers in this location" as well as "Include this location in the search." Click on "browse" and locate the folder to where you extracted the EyeToy drivers. Click "next." You will see a warning screen. Click on the "continue anyway" option. A screen containing "?????" may appear. If it does, simply click on "OK."

Read the next screen, which asks whether you live in a 50 Hz area. If you are in Europe, Australia or India, click "yes." If you are in North America, South America, Japan, Korea or Taiwan, click "no." If you're not in any of those places, click "yes" or "no" according to which place is the closest distance to you.


Run a virus scan on all files you download before installing them on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Standard USB cable
  • WinZip software
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