How to charge a new phone battery

Updated February 21, 2017

Cell phones have become more commonplace than ever. They can be convenient to have in some cases like when car breaks down or there is a car accident. But they can also be a distraction when you are talking on the phone in your vehicle or when the phone rings at inopportune times such as in class, a meeting, church or at work. In order for the phone to be useful, it must be charged. If you charge the phone properly before using it, the battery will last longer.

Snap the battery onto the cell phone. Plug the phone into an outlet with the wall charger until it has a full charge. Most phones will display a "Charge Complete" message on-screen when finished.

Unplug the phone and use as needed until the battery drains completely and turns off. This step is important to prolonging the life of your cell phone battery.

Charge the phone only after the battery has died completely. Keep it plugged in until it is once again recharged. Do this for at least the first three charging cycles depending on the type of battery. Some batteries will recommend this initial charging method for up to five charging cycles.

Continue to use and charge the phone as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Wall charger
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