How to Speed Up My Pentium Dual Core Processor

Updated February 21, 2017

The Pentium Dual Core processor is one of the most common processors found in computers. A processor, otherwise known as a Central Processing Unit (CPU), is a small chip-like device embedded in computers. The Pentium Dual Core CPU performs calculations for the PC, enabling it to perform tasks for the user. The speed of the processor determines the strength and speed of the computer. Increasing the CPU's working speed enhances the performance of the PC. CPU speed optimising is done using power management features in the Windows operating system.

Click the "Start" logo and select "Control Panel." From the Control Panel, click on "System and Security", then "Power Options." The Power Options dialogue is displayed.

Click "Create a power plan." The Create a Power Plan dialogue is displayed. Select the "High Performance" radio button. Putting the High Performance plan into effect causes your PC to utilise more of the Dual Core CPU's speed and power. Click "Next."

Click "Change Plan Settings" to the right of the High Performance plan text. Next click "Change advanced plan settings" near the bottom of the window and scroll-down the Advanced settings pop-up window to the "Processor power management" section. Expand the section and click on "Minimum processor state." Ensure the value "100" is entered into the text field. This value determines how much of the CPU is constantly in use by the computer. The number 100 in this field signals the PC to use all of the CPU's resources for any tasks being performed. Click "OK" and exit the window.


You can restore the power settings to the default values by clicking the "Restore Settings to Default" button in the "Power Options" menu.

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