System Restore Won't Let Me Go Back to Later Dates

Updated July 20, 2017

If the system restore feature will not let you go back to later dates in "system tools," it could be that your antivirus system is blocking the system restore feature--which can happen with antivirus programs such as Norton Antivirus. To get your system restore feature working normally again can be completed in just a few steps.

Click on the "Start" menu, and then right-click on "My Computer." Once you've right-clicked on "My Computer," select "Properties."

Click and open the "System Properties" dialogue box.

Click the "System Restore" tab and then click on "Turn off system restore on all drives." Click "OK."

Click on "Start" and then "Restart" to reboot your computer. Once your computer reboots follow steps one through two.

Click on the "System Restore" tab again. Select "Turn On System Restore on All Drives." Select "OK."

Click on the "Start" menu, "Accessories" and then click "System Tools."

Select "System Restore." You should now be able to go back to a later date using restore points.

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