How to Hide a TV Using a Mirror

While having a TV with a large, flat screen in the living room or bedroom can be great for watching the big game with friends or enjoying a classic film in bed, it can diminish the ambience of the room when it isn't being used. One way to turn the eyesore of a TV into a decorative focal point is by hiding its screen behind a mirror. A mirror with one-way glass can hide the screen when it is off but allow the images through when it's on.

Hang the TV on a wall with mounting brackets. If the TV is not attached solidly, it will be difficult to hang the mirror properly.

Find the coated side of the mirror by placing a fingertip against the glass. There should be no gap between your finger and its reflection on the coated side.

Lie the frame with the front down and set the glass into the bevelled edge of the frame. The coated side of the mirror should be facing up.

Turn the clips on the inside of the frame to hold the glass.

Slip the frame over the TV and bring the straps found on the back of the frame around the TV.

Enlist a partner's help to hold the frame steady with the mirror flat against the glass of the TV screen. Pull the straps to tighten them until the frame is holding onto the TV.


You can save money by building your own TV mirror frame and using one-way mirrored glass.


Do not install the TV and mirror on a deteriorating or weak wall.

Things You'll Need

  • TV mirror-frame kit
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