How to Find the iLO IP Address for an HP

Updated February 21, 2017

"iLO" stands for "integrated Lights Out" and is a technology that is only used by HP brand computers. iLO is a utility that manages a computer server associated with your computer and home network. If this utility is connected to the Internet, it will have its own dedicated IP address separate from the one that your computer uses for general browsing purposes. You can find this iLO IP address during the initial boot process of your computer.

Restart your HP computer by clicking "Start" and then "Restart." Your computer will shut down.

Wait for your computer to automatically turn itself back on after it has completely shut down.

Press the "F8" keyboard key while the computer is booting up. The text that appears on screen will contain information about your HP computer's iLO. In this text, listed under the "IP Address" heading, will be your iLO IP address.


Knowing the iLO IP address for an HP computer is really only useful to the system administrator of a server. Once the administrator knows the iLO IP address, the administrator can differentiate the IP addresses of other computers on the same connection to track what actions they've been taking while on the server. This includes knowing what websites have been visited and which programs have been accessed.

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