How to Restore a Toshiba Satellite System

Toshiba Satellite systems are packaged with recovery media in the event you need to restore your computer to factory settings. Restore a Toshiba Satellite when you want to format your computer, reinstall your operating system or revert to the original settings and applications. The recovery process erases all your current applications, files and settings. Another reason to restore your Toshiba Satellite is to prepare the computer for a new user, allowing them to start with a clean system.

Back up any files you want to keep on an external hard drive or other media.

Insert the first recovery CD into your disk drive.

Restart your Toshiba Satellite.

Press “F12” when the first screen appears during the restart process.

Select “CD/DVD” and press “Enter.”

Choose “Recover to Factory Default Software” when the Toshiba Recovery Wizard appears.

If you want to erase a specific partition or all partitions, select “Erase the hard disk.”

Follow the prompts to restore your system.

If you choose to erase the hard disk, select “Recover to Factory Default Software” after formatting process is complete.

Press any key on your keyboard after the recovery process is complete to restart your Toshiba Satellite.


If your Toshiba Satellite system was not packaged with recovery media, see your Toshiba Satellite user guide for steps on how to obtain or create the recovery media. Some Toshiba Satellite models are pre-installed with the Toshiba Recovery Wizard. Restart your system and hold the "Zero" key to access the program.

Things You'll Need

  • Recovery discs
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