How to Transfer From Sky+ to a PC

Written by seth amery | 13/05/2017
How to Transfer From Sky+ to a PC
Send your Sky+ recordings to your PC. (tv image by martini from

Sky+, or Sky Plus, is similar in premise to TiVo in that you can record shows you want to watch and store them for later. However, you may not necessarily want to view them on your television, especially if it's a smaller television. You may want to transfer your recordings to your computer, where the monitor is bigger, or you may want to edit them on your PC. Luckily, all of your recordings a stored onto a card that can be inserted into your computer.

Remove the card from your Sky+ box. The slot will be in the front.

Insert the Sky+ card into your computer. If you don't have a slot for a card, you will need to purchase a USB adaptor. Insert the card into the adaptor before plugging into a USB port.

Copy all of the files on the Sky+ card and paste them into a folder on your hard drive.

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