How to Flash BIOS on an Aspire 7520

Keep your Basic Input Output System up to date on an Aspire 7520 to solve and prevent certain hardware and operating system issues. The update process is called "flashing" the BIOS. During the flash, a new version of your BIOS is installed on your Aspire 7520. As problems are discovered, Acer releases free BIOS updates. Though BIOS updates are not required, flashing the BIOS is recommended after upgrading your operating system and certain hardware such as a hard drive, memory or video adaptor.

Visit the Acer Support site (see Resources).

Choose “Notebook” from the “Select Product Family” box.

Select “Aspire” from the “Select Product Line” box.

Choose “Aspire 7520” from the “Select Product Model” box.

Choose your current operating system from the “Operating System” drop-down box directly above the list of available downloads.

Select the “BIOS” tab.

Press the orange button beside the BIOS update you wish to download. Choose the latest file to get the most current updates. If you are trying to solve a specific problem, choose the BIOS update that addresses your issue. A description is provided with each BIOS update.

Choose a download location for your BIOS file.

Open the folder containing your BIOS file.

Right-click the file and choose “Extract All”.

Follow the prompts to extract the BIOS update files from the compressed folder.

Open the extracted BIOS folder.

Open “WinPhlash.exe”.

Press the “Browse” button and select your BIOS update file. BIOS update files have a “.wph” extension.

Press “Open”.

Select “Flash BIOS” to flash your Aspire 7520 BIOS.


Save your BIOS update file to your desktop to make it easier to locate files.


Only download BIOS updates for the Aspire 7520. Updates for other models will not work with the 7520.

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