How do I download music directly to iPod touch for free?

Written by sara hickman | 13/05/2017
How do I download music directly to iPod touch for free?
You can directly add music for free to your iPod Touch. (ear buds image by Darrell Sharpe from

Unlike other iPod models, the iPod Touch is able to sign on to Wi-Fi Internet when available. This ability allows the user to download music directly to the iPod rather than downloading onto a computer and adding the music to an iPod Touch. Through music blogs and iTunes, it is possible to directly add music to the iPod Touch for free.

Log onto the local Wi-Fi network. Enter the password if needed.

Launch the iTunes application and visit the iTunes store. Tap the bottom of the screen that reads "Free on iTunes" followed by "See All." Tap "Download" next to the free song choices. The song will be added to your list upon completion.

Open the Safari application and visit a music blog such as NME's Daily Download, Fingertips or RCRD LBL. Tap the song you wish to download and choose "Save As" to the device. Upon completion, the song will appear in your music library. If it must be converted, open the song in iTunes to convert into iTunes format.


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