How do I Add Items to the Today Screen on Windows Mobile 6?

Updated March 23, 2017

Windows Mobile 6 users can configure a device to only display selected items on the Today screen. The Today screen can be used as a shortcut for applications and tools that you frequently use. You can add useful tools such as a calendar, clock or calculator to the screen. You can even download additional applications and tools to add to your Today screen. You can easily delete and add items to the Today screen on a Windows Mobile 6 device in a few clicks.

Click "Start," then "Settings" to access the screen to change the items.

Select the "Personal" tab, then "Today." Choose the "Items" tab.

Check the boxes next to the items you want to add to your "Today" screen. Remove the checks next to the items you want to remove from the screen.

Highlight the items and move them up or down to position the items as you want them to appear on your "Today" screen.

Click "OK," then check your "Today" screen. The items you added should appear on the screen.


You can configure the settings for items you are adding to your Today screen by highlighting each item and selecting "Options," then "OK." Downloadable programs such as Launcher v1.40 enable you to add an icon bar to your Today screen. You can use the bar to add additional items to your Today screen (see Resources).

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