How to Make ID Cards Online Free

Identification cards do not have to be limited to the official government cards. You can create an identification card for any group you belong to, like book club, study groups and more. Creating your own identification card to share with friends is a fun and easy way to show who you are and what you belong to. Creating your own identification card is easy and all you need is a photo of yourself and a good online photo editor.

Log in to the online photo editing software of your choice. Popular online photo editors include Adobe Photoshop Online and Picnik but there are others available. To create an identification card, you will need an online photo editor that will first let you make a blank document as well as copy or import an image into that blank document.

Create the base of the identification card by creating a new document with the dimensions you desire.

Import your face photo. The method to do this may vary among photo editors. Depending on the photo editor, you may be able to upload your photo from your hard drive. Some online photo editors may allow you to import a photo from another popular photo sharing site such as Flickr or Facebook.

Edit your face photo before copying it onto your identification card base, if necessary. Depending on the dimensions of the photo and the card base that you created, you may need to shrink and/or crop your face photo.

Paste your face photo onto the identification card base. This will vary among different photo editors but is often done by copying the face photo you edited and then pasting it onto the card base. Options for photo placement include on top and centred from right to left for a portrait-oriented card or to the side and centred from top and bottom for a landscape oriented card.

Add text to the identification card. Add the name as well as any other applicable information.

Add any decorative elements to your card as desired.

Save your identification card. Once saved, you can use your card online or print it out to be laminated.


Photos that are clear with a good view from the shoulders up make good identification card photos. Use identification cards at a meet-up of online friends to help associate real life faces with online nicknames.


Only add necessary information to an identification card. Do not share any sensitive information. It is illegal to create an identification card to use as a fake government-issued identification card.

Things You'll Need

  • Face photo
  • Online photo editing software
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