How to Play MP4 Files on an Xbox 360

Updated April 17, 2017

The Xbox 360 is a video game console developed and sold by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 features a large library of video games that can be played offline and through the Xbox Live online service. It is also able to play various media software such as MP3 music files and MP4 video files. There are several methods available to all Xbox 360 users to play MP4 media, depending on the peripherals they have available.

Press the "eject" button on your Xbox 360 to open its disc tray. Load your data disc, such as a DVD or CD, then close the tray.

Use your Xbox 360 controller to navigate to "My Xbox" on your system's dashboard menu. Afterward, select "Video Library," then "Current Disc."

Choose the MP4 file listed in your disc, then select "Play."

Insert your portable device, such as a thumb drive or external hard drive, into one of the Xbox 360 controller ports.

Use your controller to navigate to "My Xbox" from the dashboard menu. Select "Video Library" and open your desired portable drive.

Choose the MP4 file listed on your portable device, then select "Play."

Connect your Xbox 360 to your home network. This can be done in one of two ways: via Ethernet cable or through your wireless network.

Go to your computer and open Windows Media Player 11. This should be automatically loaded in all Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems. Windows XP users will have to update their older version of Windows Media Player via Windows Update.

Click on "Library" on the upper part of Windows Media Player 11, then click on "Media Sharing." Navigate to "Sharing Settings" and check the option titled "Share my media."

Click on the Xbox 360 device listed in your Media Sharing window. After that, click on "Allow."

Use your Xbox 360 controller to navigate through your dashboard and select "My Xbox." Then choose "Video Library" followed by "Media Center" to select the appropriate MP4 file and press "Play."

Connect your Xbox 360 console to your computer network either by an Ethernet cable into another terminal or via a wireless signal.

Open the Zune program on your computer and click on "Settings." Continue to navigate through the menu by selecting "Software," then "Sharing."

Select the "Xbox 360" option to open the "Media sharing with Xbox 360" menu. Check the box next to "Video."

Type in a title you wish to set under the "Name your collection" field. Select the "Share with all available Xbox 360 systems" option and click on "OK."

Navigate to "My Xbox" on your video game console's dashboard, then scroll over and select "Video Library." Choose your computer device with the Zune symbol next to its name.

Select the MP4 file you want to view and press "Play."

Connect the Sync Cable onto your Zune device, then connect the other end into the Xbox 360 USB port.

Navigate to "My Xbox" on your dashboard, then into "Video Library." Select your Zune device from the list, which should be marked with a symbol to the left of the device name.

Select the MP4 video, then select "Play" to view your selection.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Media Player 11 (if necessary)
  • Ethernet cable (if necessary)
  • Zune Player (if necessary)
  • Zune Sync Cable (if necessary)
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