How to Connect My Computer Wirelessly to My Big Screen TV

Updated April 17, 2017

Connecting your personal computer to your big-screen TV through a wireless connection allows you to use your television as a PC monitor. By using a wireless PC-to-TV converter you can view television channels on your computer, while also using your PC on your TV.

Turn off your computer and television. Find the VGA and audio ports on the back of your computer. Use the cable that came with the wireless converter to connect your PC to the sending unit of the two-piece converter.

Locate the S-video output on the side or back of your big-screen television. Connect the cable that came with the wireless converter to connect your television to the converter's transmitter unit. Turn on the wireless PC-to-TV converter units and make sure the power is on for the both the computer and television.

Press the "Sync" buttons on the converter units. Wait for the converter units to sync and make sure all the status-indicator lights on the unit turn green. Clear any objects that may be placed in front of the infrared sensor, as any blockage can impact the wireless signal. Unfold the antenna on each converter unit. Check to make sure the units are receiving signals and start using your new PC-to-TV wireless connection.

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