How do I Change the Screen Display of an Acer Aspire 5610Z?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Acer Aspire 5610Z is a laptop computer with built-in LCD screen that can be adjusted or changed in several ways. A hotkey sequence lets the user increase or decrease screen brightness in 10 increments. Display settings such as screen resolution and colour management can be changed through the Acer Aspire control panel, which is part of the Windows operating system pre-installed on the 5610Z. Changing the display settings takes only a few seconds.

Press the "Fn" and right arrow keys together to increase screen brightness on the Acer laptop. Pressing and releasing the right arrow key repeatedly increases the brightness gradually in 10 steps. Pressing and holding the right arrow key rapidly brightens the screen.

Press the "Fn" and left arrow key to decrease screen brightness.

Click the Microsoft flag on the lower left edge of the screen to select "Control Panel" for other screen display adjustments.

Click "Appearance and Personalization" to select "Orientation," which can be used to change the position of the screen from landscape to portrait. This flips the screen from a horizontal to a vertical orientation.

Click "Appearance and Personalization" once more to select "Adjust screen resolution."

Click the down arrow next to the resolution box to open a window with a control slider. Click and hold the slider to drag it to a new position to increase or decrease screen resolution. Click "Apply" to save the new setting.

Click "Appearance and Personalization" again to reopen the settings window. Select "Advanced settings."

Click the "Color management" tab to change the screen's colour display settings, and save them by clicking the "Apply" button.

Click the "Troubleshoot" tab under the advanced settings to run a diagnostics check of the Aspire screen.

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