How to Get Rid of the Evil Eye

Updated April 17, 2017

For many, the evil eye curse is simply an outdated superstitious notion. However, there are firm believers in several cultures around the world, such as Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, India, Tibet, Ethiopia and Egypt. Those who believe the curse is real take precautions to avoid it, and follow traditional remedies to reverse the curse once it has been placed. Symptoms of the curse often include headaches, fatigue tired and loss of business.

The evil eye is generally thought to be caused by an envious stare, or simply giving too much praise to a child or woman in particular. Whether the curse is intentional or not is a debatable issue. In Greece, some people who fear giving the evil eye will spit at someone three times when giving them a compliment, to offset the potential curse.

Find someone who can break the spell. Ask friends and family members if they know someone who can perform this service. It's an ability generally passed on from mother to daughter. This person will first determine if you really have been cursed. If you have, she will read prayers and make crosses on your forehead. This should break the curse.

If you can't find someone to do this for you, take the following steps to remove it yourself.

Cleanse your conscience by tithing or giving to charity if you haven't been generous lately. Volunteer and do good deeds for friends and family members. The theory is that the more you give back, the less chance you will be cursed by others who envy you.

Use rosemary extract, or fresh lemon or orange juice to cleanse your body. You should also change your bedding, clean your home thoroughly and let sunshine into the house.

Sunbathe outside, preferably nude, so that sun reaches every body part. Also swim in the ocean if you can, submerging your entire body in the saltwater. Bathe in a tub of water with sea salts if you aren't near the ocean.

Do a one-day fast, if possible, while you are cleansing your body and home. Drink lots of water.


Don't flaunt your blessings, and give generously when you can. This will help ensure you don't get cursed again. You can also protect yourself with crosses and amulets. The colour blue is believed to have protective qualities.

Things You'll Need

  • Rosemary oil
  • Lemon or orange juice
  • Prayers
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