How to add emoticons to office communicator

Written by tammy clevenger | 13/05/2017
How to add emoticons to office communicator
You can add emoticons to your Office Communicator message. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Microsoft Office Communicator is an instant messaging platform that integrates with other Microsoft Office products, such as Outlook. Microsoft Communicator operates in a similar way to other instant messaging client programs like AOL Instant Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. To convey emotions and expressions in instant messages sent using Office Communicator, “emoticons” can be easily inserted into the body of the instant message. First, enable emoticons in the Office Communicator client. Then insert the desired image into an instant message and send.

Click the “Microsoft Office” folder, then click the “Microsoft Office Communicator” link to open the instant messaging application.

Click the green “Settings” button in the upper left corner of the Communicator interface.

Check the box in front of the "Show emoticons in instant messages" option, then click the “Apply” button.

Click a recipient in the user list to open the “Conversation” window and start a new instant messaging session, or continue an existing session.

Click inside the “Entry” (text input) section in the body of the instant message.

Double-click the image of the “smiley” in the Communicator interface. The “Emoticons” list will open.

Click on the desired emoticon to insert into the instant message and click “OK.” The emoticon will be inserted into the last location of the cursor in the message.

Click the “Send” button. The instant message, including the emoticon, is sent to the specified recipient.

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