How to Reset a Toshiba Laptop to Factory

Updated February 21, 2017

You may want to reset your Toshiba laptop if you are reselling the computer or if you want to perform a complete system overhaul. If you plan to resell the computer, resetting it can help keep your personal information safe. Although it may seem like the task associated with resetting a Toshiba laptop to factory settings could be daunting, resetting the laptop actually is a fairly simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Plug the power adaptor into the computer.

Hold the power button for 10 seconds to shutdown the computer.

Hold the "0" button and simultaneously tap the power button to turn the laptop back on.

Click "Yes" when prompted to continue with system recovery.

Select "Recovery of Factory Default Software" and click "Next."

Choose "Recover to Out-of-Box State." Click "Next."

Click "Next" again. Your Toshiba laptop will now reset itself to factory settings.

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