How to Reformat a Sony Vaio Laptop Without a Recovery Disc

Updated March 23, 2017

Sony Vaio laptops are shipped with the Vaio Recovery Center, an application that will assist the machine's owner in recovering and restoring the hard drive in the event of a malware infection or other system failure. The Vaio is also shipped with a recovery partition, a portion of the hard drive that contains the Windows set-up files, as well as all default programs and drivers. Using the Vaio Recovery Center tool, the C: drive on the laptop may be reformatted and reverted back to the factory default configuration, without using a recovery disc.

Click Windows "Start" and then click "All Programs."

Click the "Vaio Recovery Center" link in the Programs menu to open the application.

Click the "Restore C: Drive" option in the Vaio Recovery Center interface. Note that all data will be lost and programs will need to be reinstalled.

Click "Next."

Click the "Start" button to start the restoration of the C: drive. The C: drive will be reformatted, Windows reinstalled and the laptop configured back to factory defaults.


From the Vaio Recovery Center, click the "Reinstall Programs and Drivers" link to reinstall necessary hardware drivers and programs shipped with the laptop.


By reformatting your C: drive, you will lose all your data and haveto reinstall your programs. Make sure to back up any data you wish to keep on a separate disc or external drive.

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