How to Rotate on Pinnacle Studio

Written by cecelia owens | 13/05/2017
How to Rotate on Pinnacle Studio
Rotation can change the way you view videos. (Video Cassette image by Guitar 75 from

Pinnacle Studio is a movie making application that allows you to capture, edit and share your home videos. The software has the ability to create high quality, high definition movies with themes, transitions, animations and music, according to the Pinnacle Studio website. With the ability to produce major movies, the application has plenty of special effects, such as rotation for your video. Rotating your video can help you give a new perspective to your videos.

Access the Pinnacle Studio application. Click on the "File" tab and the "Open" button. Locate the video file that you want to rotate then click the "OK" button. Most videos are saved in the "Videos" folder of "My Computer."

Click the video and select the "Open Effects Toolbar" option. In the toolbar, access the "Effects" box, click the "Rotate" option and press "OK."

Adjust the rotation bar by moving the white circle along the X axis. If you want to rotate the video to an exact degree, type the degrees into the box provided.

Click the "Add New Effect" button and left-click the video again to complete the process.

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