How to Maximize a Laptop for Streaming

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Maximize a Laptop for Streaming
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Streaming audio and video from the Internet is often more efficient than downloading the entire file to your computer. Although it is possible to view streaming content on just about any computer system, you can employ a few methods to maximise the streaming capabilities of your laptop computer to ensure your system plays the audio/video content in the fastest time possible.

Check the Internet connection on your computer. Ensure the Ethernet cable is completely inserted into the WAN port on the laptop. If using a wireless connection, move the laptop as close to the source network as possible to ensure you receive the strongest available wireless connection.

Close out other Internet programs you are running. Running programs reduces the amount of bandwidth available for the Internet streaming, slowing down the data transfer process and potentially causing the audio or video files to stutter when playing.

Click the "Pause" button on the audio/video streaming file once the file begins to load onto the screen. This gives the media some time to buffer, which is especially important when using a slower Internet connection. Once the file says "Buffer Full" or "Buffer Complete," click "Play" and the file plays without stopping during playback.

Upgrade your current Internet service to a faster Internet connection. The faster your Internet connection, the faster the streaming video is going to play, without requiring you to pause the streaming file.

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