How to test the stability of your internet

Written by erin mcmanaway | 13/05/2017
How to test the stability of your internet
Test your Internet stability using testing programs and websites. (Internet image by Stephanie Bandmann from

The speed and reliability of your computer to send and receive data packets determines the stability of your Internet connection. Data exchange speeds can be diagnosed by testing your computer's ability to ping other sites and computers over the Internet. You can use free programs and websites to test your computer's ping and determine how stable your Internet connection is.

Go to the website.

Click the "Begin Test" button to start your free ping test.

Allow the website to conduct the ping test. This may take time as the test locates the best test server and sends data.

Review the test's outcome. The website will rate your Internet connection and its report packet loss, ping and jitter.

Go to the website and click the "Start Full Test" button.

Allow the website to test your Internet connection. This may take some time as it sends and receives data.

Review the test's results. You will see information about your connection speed, stability and ping time.

Download and install the freeware version of the PingPlotter program.

Launch the PingPlotter program. You will see a list of servers in the left-hand pane.

Click on one of the servers to highlight it and click the "Trace" button.

Allow the program to test your ping time and connection to the server. It will continue to test the same route until you stop the test.

Review the graph provided by the program. If you see high variation between ping times or broken pings, this is a sign of instability in your Internet connection.

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