How to Remove Torrent Trackers

Updated July 20, 2017

A torrent is a small file that, when opened with a program designed to read it, called a client, streams data from other users. Trackers are bits of data attached to the torrent file that tell the client where to connect to to obtain data. By removing the trackers, all traces of the torrent are removed and it becomes impossible for the torrent to be shared. This is a commonly used trick to remove footprints from public trackers and keep identities private. Microtorrent is an example of a torrent client, and it can be downloaded for free.

Open up Microtorrent. Make sure the torrent that contains the trackers to be removed is finished downloading. This ensures that all data it contains is kept intact and there are minimal errors.

Highlight the desired torrent on the top half of the screen that lists the torrent's name, size, completion and other information. The torrent should then turn blue.

Look directly below that window. There will be a second window containing tabs such as "General," "Trackers" and "Peers." Click on "Trackers" to proceed. There will be some entries in the tracker window such as [DHT] and [Peer Exchange], but they are not to be touched. Website urls appear listed below. These are the trackers that are currently loaded for the torrent.

Click the website urls to highlight them, then right click on them to bring up a menu. Scroll down and click on "Remove Tracker"; it will then be removed from the torrent.


If you are unsure of the consequences, always wait until the torrent is done downloading before deleting any trackers. Once trackers are deleted, they can be returned, but a torrent without a tracker cannot seed, and information cannot be transmitted.

Things You'll Need

  • Microtorrent freeware
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