How to Get Rid of Mice With Natural Spray

Updated February 21, 2017

Most homeowners have to deal with a pest issue at some point in their history. Whether it's termites, ants or rodents, pests can both be a nuisance as well as create real damage to your property. Getting rid of pests can be expensive and time consuming as professional exterminators often require multiple visits and treatments before the pests are effectively eliminated. However, if the pest in question is the common house mouse, there is an alternative treatment you can try before calling in the professionals. Natural sprays, used correctly can get rid of mice.

Clean the areas frequented by mice. Vacuum up any droppings the mice have left behind first. Use a strong cleaner with a disinfecting agent or a simple water & bleach solution to scrub all areas that the mice traffic.

Spray natural peppermint to scare off mice. The strong smell of the peppermint will bother the mice to the point where they will leave your house in search of friendlier climates. Pour some 100 per cent peppermint oil into a spray bottle and spray the liquid liberally into cupboards, drawers, along baseboards, heating vents and any other place mice have been seen or heard.

Repeat the spray procedure weekly for at least a month for best results. Once you are certain the mice have left inspect you home for obvious entry points and seal them off so that mice can not return. Look for cracks in the foundation, holes around basement window casings and open vents.

Things You'll Need

  • 100 per cent peppermint oil
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum
  • Disinfectant
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