How to remove red eye in paint

Updated April 17, 2017

Paint is a computer program that is used for multiple different purposes. Paint can be used to edit documents, create pictures and upload and alter photographs. Photographs often get an effect in them called red eye, caused by the use of the flash from the camera. Red eye is where the people in the photograph's eyes turn out red instead of the natural colour they are; this happens most often in people with light coloured eyes. By uploading your pictures into paint you can get rid of red eye by using the toolbar's tools.

Open up the image in the program Paint and zoom into the picture so that the eyes that have red eye are visible and are as large as possible.

Go to the "layers" tab and set the settings to "new raster layer." In the blend section of layers select "overlay" with your mouse, then click "OK."

Select the eyedropper in the tools section and select a dark colour to use it with like black or dark grey. Use the eyedropper to drop a few dark coloured drops into the pupil of the eye, or the centre of the eye. This is typically the area of the eyes that receives most of the red eye effect.

Select the paint brush tool and set it to its smallest brush. You can do this by clicking on the smallest circle when the paint brush options appear. Select the colour of the person in the picture's normal eye colour and paint over the rest of the red eye avoiding the newly dark pupils.

Go to the "layers" tab again and select "merge all." This will finalise the colour and image in Paint.


Save an original copy of the photograph in case something messes up in the Paint program.

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