How to Use Curtains in a Doorway As a Room Divider

Covering an open doorway with fabric curtains provides fast and inexpensive privacy while adding a soft and informal decorating touch to any interior room. Just because a solid door does not separate two rooms does not mean that you can't create an effective barrier out of fabric. Use curtains in a doorway as a room divider to provide privacy and separation between the two rooms. Place two or four panels back-to-back by clipping them together onto a tension rod.

Install a tension rod across the top of the doorway for measuring purposes. Position it in place and unscrew it until it fits across the doorway tightly.

Measure the width of the doorway with the tape measure and write it down. Measure the height of the doorway from the top of the tension rod to the floor and write this measurement down.

Purchase two or four curtain panels. If you purchase two panels, they must be at least twice as wide as the doorway width. If you purchase four panels, each panel should be equal to the width of the doorway.

Clip the panels to curtain rings. Place the panels together to make one double-sided panel, with the wrong sides facing each other and the right sides facing out. Attach the clipping curtain rings along the tops of the panels to hold the panels together. Space the clips 3 to 4 inches apart along the tops of the panels.

Remove the tension rod and slide the curtain rings onto the rod. Slide the rings evenly along the entire rod for one double-sided panel. Slide the rings of each double-sided panel evenly if you have two double-sided panels.

Reinstall the tension rod at the top of the doorway and arrange the rings along the rod.


Leave the panels hanging straight down across the doorway or pull them to one or both sides. If you pull them to the sides, hold them there with small hooks installed in the side(s) of the door jam(s).

Things You'll Need

  • 1 tension rod
  • Tape measure
  • Clipping curtain rings
  • 2 or 4 panel curtains
  • Small hooks (optional)
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