How to Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Tecra

Updated February 21, 2017

Toshiba's Tecra series of laptop computers offers a wide variety of models that can run several different versions of Windows. The function keys are standardised across the models, making them the easiest way to enable and disable your touchpad no matter what model you use. Toshiba's Tecra series is designed to allow easy, high-speed multitasking for professional applications. The touchpad is part of this functionality, but some users find it more convenient to disable the touchpad while typing or to turn it off permanently and use an external mouse for navigation.

Press and hold down the "FN" key in the lower-left area of your keyboard. The "Hot key cards" will appear on your screen, showing the "F1" through "F12" keys with icons.

Click on the "F9" image on your screen while still holding down the "FN" key.

Release the "FN" key and click on the touchpad off icon in the lower-right corner of the main icon--it shows a touchpad symbol with a crossed-out circle over it. To turn the touchpad back on, use the function key method or an external (USB) mouse.

Press the "FN" key in the lower-left area of your keyboard and hold it down.

Press and release "F9" to toggle the touchpad off.

Release the "FN" key. Repeat the process to toggle the touchpad back on.

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