How to Disable a Toshiba Touchpad

Updated February 21, 2017

Disabling a Toshiba touchpad can be useful if you are working with an external mouse or simply don't want to accidentally move your mouse while typing. If you do have an external mouse, turning the touchpad back on when you need it is simple. If you're disabling the touchpad for typing purposes, you will need to remember how to turn the touchpad function back on without a mouse when you need it again.

Press the function key ("FN") in the lower left area of your keyboard.

Press "F9" while holding down the "FN" key, then release both keys. Your touchpad will be disabled.

Press the same key combination to turn the touchpad back on when you need it.

Click "Start," then "Control panel," then "Mouse." If you are using Windows XP, you may need to click "Settings" before "Control panel" appears as an option.

Select "Device settings" or "Touchpad," depending on your version of Windows.

Click the "Disable" button or click to remove the check mark in the box next to "Enable," depending on your Windows version.

Click "OK" to exit. Repeat the process to turn the touchpad back on, but click "Enable" instead of "Disable."

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