How to Make & Print Your Own Baptism Invitations for Free Online

As you plan a baptism, you may wish to invite friends and family to join you for a celebratory gathering after the ceremony. While you could opt to purchase invitations to send to your guests, you might instead choose to make and print your own baptism invitations for free online. Free invitations can be as special and attractive as other costly invitations, and you can use the money you save for the baptism party.

Visit the Hoover Web Design website and scroll down to the "Free Printables" section in the left sidebar. Select "Party Invitation Templates" and then scroll to "Free Party Invitations." Find the printable baptism invitations in the list of invitations and click on the link. View the various styles of invitations available by clicking on each link. Select the invitation you desire and then click on the link to the PDF document. Add text to the invitation as you desire by clicking your mouse onto the PDF document and entering the text. When you finish the invitation, click on the print icon in the upper left corner to print out the invitations. Fold the invitations into quarters and send them.

Navigate to the Free Printable Party Invitations website and click on the "Free Printable Invitations 3" link to find a PDF document containing a variety of different invitations. Advance to page 31 of the document to find a free baptism invitation. Click the print icon in the upper left corner of the document and print only page 31 with your colour printer, printing as many copies of the invitation as you need for your party. Fill in the blanks on the invitations to add the pertinent information about the party, fold the invitations and send them.

Visit the Party Supplies Hut website and click on "Free Baptism Invitations" under the blue banner on the left side of the webpage. Print out as many invitations as you need with your colour printer and fill in the blanks on each invitation with the name of the child, the date, time and location. Fold the invitations and send them.

Navigate to the Party Supplies Shop website and click on the blue "Invitations" balloon. Find the "Baptism Invitations" link beneath the "Holiday and Events Invitations" heading and click it. Click the invitation and then click the printing icon in the upper left corner to print it with your colour printer, printing as many as you need to send.

Things You'll Need

  • Colour printer
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