How to Mount Plaques

Mounting a plaque is similar to mounting or hanging pictures and other wall art pieces. Plaques you mount onto a wall are generally made from a solid, flat section of wood, cut into an almost two-dimensional shape. The back of the plaque features one or more holes for mounting the plaque, which you must use when attempting to secure the plaque to a wall, door or other flat, vertical surface. Mounting a single plaque should require 15 minutes or less to complete from start to finish.

Turn the plaque over and measure the distances between the mounting holes, as well as the distance from the top edge of the plaque and their distance from the right and left edges of the plaque. Write these measurements down to aid you in making the correct, corresponding holes in the wall.

Measure up from the floor and make a mark where you want the bottom of the plaque to rest. Place the plaque over this mark, aligning the mark with the bottom of the plaque. Put your level on the top edge of the plaque and manipulate the plaque until it is straight. Trace a second pencil mark across the top of the plaque.

Measure down from the line marking the top of the plaque to the distance from the top of the plaque to the mounting holes and make a line across with a straightedge. Measure from the left side of the plaque to the measurement noted for the first mounting hole on the left. Mark the measurement with a pencil on the line you just drew. Repeat with the measurement for the mounting hole on the right side of the plaque.

Double check the levelness of all the marks you drew and make any necessary adjustment to ensure the plaque will mount and hang level before drilling any holes.

Drill the holes for each wall anchor you need to mount the plaque at the points marked for the mounting holes. The drill bit size you use depends on the type and size of anchor you use, for plastic wall anchors, drill the hole with a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the wall anchor.

Push the wall anchors into the holes. You may have to apply a little pressure or even hammer the anchor into place to produce the tight fit you need to hold the plaque. Some wall anchors need screwed into place instead of pushed.

Screw each 1-inch screw into a wall anchor. You can screw the screws in by hand to prevent damage to the wall or anchor. Leave approximately 1/4-inch of the screw and head sticking out to aid in mounting the plaque.

Align the holes on the back of the plaque with the screw heads sticking out from the wall. Move the plaque around slowly until the screw heads slip into the holes on the back of the plaque.


Hanging heights for wall plaques depend on their type. If you want to hang a plaque that features a trophy animal, you want to mount the plaque high to prevent damage. For flat plaques that feature wording and images, you want to mount those plaques lower, at eye-line so you and visitors may read the plaque. Mount worded plaques between 52 and 75 inches up from the floor, and trophy animal plaques at least 60 inches above the floor. Use a soft eraser or damp sponge to remove the pencil marks from the wall after mounting the plaque.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Straightedge
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wall anchors
  • 1-inch screws
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