The Best Fresh Flowers to Decorate a Wedding Cake

Updated November 21, 2016

Fresh flowers are a perfect accompaniment to a wedding cake when you want it to look elegant and classic. But some flowers are not edible and can actually be harmful to people when ingested. When choosing flowers for your wedding cake, the most important factor is whether they are safe when paired with food. Beyond that, the flowers should complement the feel, style and colours of your wedding decor.


Roses are one of the most popular flowers to be used in wedding bouquets and arrangement. They are also safe to use on cakes. If you are using roses elsewhere in your wedding decor, choose the same types and colours on your cake. Both trailing roses and the types traditionally used in bouquets can work well on a cake.


Another flower that works well on wedding cake is the daisy. While most people think of white petals with yellow centres when they consider daisies, there are actually lots of other varieties. Black-eyed Susans are yellow with black centres and are wildflowers commonly used on wedding cakes. When you desire bright, vibrant colours, consider gerber daisies for your cake. Not only do these flowers come in just about every colour you could imagine, they are typically inexpensive.


Tulips are a classic flower used often in weddings. Their perfect cuplike appearance and wide variety of sizes and colours make them a good choice for a wedding cake. You could create a small bouquet of tulips for the top of your cake, or place rings of tulips around each cake layer. Tulips can be expensive, but they will be less expensive when they are in season, which is during the spring and early summer months.


Lavender is a flower that is also used as an herb in culinary dishes. This flower is fragrant and produces lots of tiny purple flowers. Lavender flowers grow in clusters and on long stems, so this is a good choice when you want the flower on your wedding cake to be more free flowing and include the foliage.

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