How to Set Wallpaper on a Laptop

Updated July 20, 2017

Your laptop wallpaper creates an ambience to your desktop. It opens many different avenues to represent your laptop's purpose. You can set the wallpaper as an artistic image that you like and would like to share, for example a photo during a vacation. Or if your laptop is used for business, you can use the desktop wallpaper as a tool for advertising your company. Your desktop wallpaper is a great feature to learn how to set so that you can update the look of your laptop with your life.

Right-click on the desktop to open the pull down menu. Be sure not to click on any icons when doing this as it will open a pull down menu for that specific folder or program.

Scroll to the bottom of the pull down menu and click "properties." A "properties" window will open.

Click the tab at the top of the window that is titled "Desktop". There will be an image of the currently displayed wallpaper and a selection box below.

Scroll through the list of images to find a new image and click on it or click "browse" to select your own image from your computer and then click "OK".

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop
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