How to Enter BIOS on Eee PC

Updated February 21, 2017

The EEE PC is a type of netbook computer manufactured by Asus. Netbooks are designed to be physically smaller and lighter than laptop computers and are generally of use for people who simply need something portable that can get online without a hassle. If you ever need to access the BIOS set-up on your EEE PC, you can do so by pressing the BIOS access keyboard key while the computer is booting up.

Press "Power" to turn on the Asus EEE PC.

Watch for the EEE PC's screen to come on. You will see the "Asus" computer logo.

Press "ESC" on the EEE PC's built-in keyboard. This will enter the unit's BIOS. Note that this key must be pressed while the "Asus" logo is still on the screen. If you see the Windows logo, you have waited too long. Restart the computer, and attempt this step again.

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