How to Print Grid Lines in MS Word

Updated February 21, 2017

Grid lines are the faint lines you see when you're creating tables or labels in Microsoft Word. They are used to show you where one cell starts and ends. Although you can display grid lines on your page, you cannot print them out. According to the help website The Word MVP Site, "Gridlines are displayed in both Normal (Draft) and Print Layout views but not in Print Preview because they do not print." You can, however, add borders (of any colour) to your tables or labels and print those out.

Open the Word document that contains your table or labels.

Select "Table" and "Show Gridlines" from the toolbar to make gridlines visible. You will see the grid lines on your page.

Select "File" and "Print Preview" from the toolbar. The grid lines will not be visible.

Press the "Escape" key to return to your page.

Select the table or labels containing the grid lines you want to print.

Click on "View," "Toolbars" and "Tables and Borders" in the toolbar to open the "Tables and Borders" toolbar.

Expand the "Border Color" button by clicking on its arrow. Then select "Gray-25%" (a colour similar to that used in grid lines) for the border colour.

Expand the "Border" button by clicking on its arrow. Then select "All Borders" from the list. A border will be applied to your entire table.

Select "File" and "Print Preview" from the toolbar. The borders you just applied will now be visible. Press the "Print" icon on the Print Preview page to print your table or labels with the borders.

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