How to Embed Album Art in Windows Media Player

Updated April 17, 2017

Albums may be a thing of the past, but album art lives on in the media players of the world. Windows Media Player lets you create music libraries consisting of albums and songs. When you add a new CD music to the library, the software attempts to download album art that matches your music. If Windows Media Player cannot find appropriate images, it will not embed album art. You will have to embed it manually or use Windows Media Player to search for it on the Web.

Open Windows Media Player and click "Library."

Click "Albums" to view your albums. Some may have album art and others may not.

Right-click an album that you want to add album art to and select "Find Album Info." Windows will search an online database and display a list of results, if it finds any.

Scroll through the list of results and locate the album art that you like.

Click the "More" link next to the album art to view details about the item. Click "Buy" if you want to purchase the album art.

Open Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer and navigate to an image that you want to use as album art.

Right-click the image and select "Copy."

Open Windows Media Player and click Library.

Click "Album art" to display your albums.

Right-click the album that you want to add the image to and select "Paste Album Art." Windows will paste into the album art cover.


If you paste your own image into an album, Windows will scale the image to fit the album and convert it into JPEG format.

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