How to Get Rid of Scotch Tape Residue

Sellotape couldn't be more useful when it comes to holding things in place, but removing it can be a nuisance. It has a way of leaving a little bit of itself behind when you peel it off. Remove those nasty bits of Sellotape residue from clothing and hard surfaces with a minimum of effort or fuss, using items you most likely already have around the house.

Dab a cotton ball in oil. Olive oil is non-toxic and works well, but baby oil is an acceptable substitute.

Hold the oil-soaked cotton ball over the tape residue for a few minutes to allow the oil to soak into the residue.

Rub the cotton ball back and forth over the tape residue until it loosens, and wipe it away.

Use the window cleaner and paper towel to wipe down the surface and remove oil residue. If any sticky tape residue remains, repeat the entire process until all residue is completely gone.

Tear off a piece of packing tape large enough to keep a good grip on while you work.

Blot the sticky side of the packing tape gently against the tape residue repeatedly. The Sellotape residue should stick to the packing tape.

Repeat the process until all of the residue is gone.

Things You'll Need

  • Olive oil or baby oil
  • Cotton ball
  • Window cleaner
  • Paper towel
  • Packing tape
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