How to Fix an HP Printer Paper Feed Problem

Written by william nagel | 13/05/2017
How to Fix an HP Printer Paper Feed Problem
Fix your printer feed problems. (The printer image by vin5 from

Paper feed problems make printing a hassle by jamming your printer's internal components or making your printer think there is no available paper in the tray. Fortunately, paper feed problems are easy to fix and can be solved with a minimum of technical knowledge. If your HP printer has paper feeding problems, changing print settings or paper arrangement can help restore your printer to working condition.

Check to make sure your printer has paper in its paper tray. If your printer has paper, check to make sure that the tray is not overloaded. If you suspect your paper tray is overloaded, remove some paper from the tray and attempt to print again.

Use the same type of paper when stocking the tray with paper; do not mix different types of paper into a single stack. Mixing different brands and weights of paper in a single stack makes your printer more prone to paper feed problems. If you find that one particular type of paper causes consistent feed problems, switching to a different type or weight of paper may solve the problem.

Check to make sure the paper in the tray is whole. Torn and creased paper will cause problems with the printer.

Open your printer's rear access cover and inspect the paper feed rollers. Dusty or dirty rollers cannot grip the paper; clean them with a soft, damp cloth and water.

Count your printer's rollers. HP printers have six paper feed rollers; if your printer is missing rollers the paper will not feed correctly. Contact HP to replace the rollers and repair your printer.

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