How to Flip Words Upside Down

Written by foye robinson | 13/05/2017
How to Flip Words Upside Down
Flipping words in a document is an easy way to spice up your text. (word image by dinostock from

Flipping words in a document is an easy way to "spice" up your text. You can use a word processor to flip words upside down in a greeting card, brochure or flyer. WordArt (a combination of art and text) allows you to flip words vertically and horizontally in Word. In WordPerfect and OpenOffice Writer, words in a text box can be flipped by specifying the rotation or by using a rotation handle.

Select "Insert" and "WordArt" from the Ribbon in Word 2007. Then choose a WordArt style.

Enter the words you want to flip into the "Edit WordArt Text" dialogue box, then press "OK." Your words will be added to the page.

Make sure your text box is selected, then select "Format" from the Ribbon. Click "Arrange" and the "Rotate" button, to open the "Rotate" drop-down menu.

Select "Flip Vertical" from the drop-down menu. Your words will flip upside down.

Select "Insert" and "Text Box" from the toolbar in WordPerfect. Then draw a text box on your page.

Double-click the text box, and type in the words you want to flip.

Right-click on your text box and select "Content."

Go to the "Rotate Text Counterclockwise" panel in the "Box Content" dialogue box. Choose to rotate the text box 180 degrees to flip the words upside down.

Open the Drawing toolbar in OpenOffice Writer by selecting "View," "Toolbars" and "Drawing."

Click the "Text" button from the "Drawing" toolbar. Then drag a text box across your page in the area where you want it to go. A cursor will flash within the text box.

Begin typing the text you want to rotate. Press the "Escape" key when you are finished. The text box will be selected.

Go to the "Drawing Object Properties" toolbar at the top of your page, and click on the "Rotate" icon.

Place your mouse over one of the corners of the text box. A rotation handle will appear. Rotate the text box by turning the handle until its contents are flipped upside down.

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