Troubleshooting a Dyson DC15

Updated February 21, 2017

Dyson's DC15 upright vacuum cleaner is known as "The Ball." Ball technology makes steering easier. The vacuum cleaner's ball steering system also provides a protective space for the motor and its components to sit on. Problems with the Ball vacuum cleaners are most often related to blockages. Blockages can be cleared with some troubleshooting. Other problems can include issues with the clear bin and the filter.

Slide the wand for the brush, stair or crevice tools into the hose until it clicks. Verify that the hose is straight when inserting the wand.

Turn the Dyson on with the power switch. Press the pedal on the bottom firmly to release the cleaner head. Ensure that the stabilising wheels fully retract or the brush bar won't work. The brush bar also will stop working if it becomes blocked by obstructions.

Clear any obstructions if the machine doesn't pick up debris. Turn the power off and lay the Dyson DC15 on its side. Remove the hose by rotating the base of the hose downward until it clicks. Twist it away from the machine. Squeeze the release catches and take a look inside the machine. Clear any debris. Cut out any debris blocking the bristles in the brush bar.

Empty the clear bin if the Dyson DC15 fails to pick up debris or the debris in the bin reaches the "Max" mark. Press the catch to release the bin from the machine.

Clean the filter. Lift the filter release catch and remove the filter if the DC15 isn't functioning normally. Separate the blue filter and yellow case. Wash them both in running water. Before reattaching the filter, let it dry, which can take 12 hours or more.

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