How to Remove a Skin Tag on a Dog at Home

Like their human owners, pets sometimes get skin tags. Usually the skin tags are not harmful to your pet, but they may be bothersome and cause discomfort, especially if they become damaged or irritated Typically, you will find a skin tag on your dog in areas where the fur does not grow much, like around the eye, nose or belly, although they can grow anywhere on the dog's body. Prior to removing it yourself you may want to consult with a vet for safety precautions. Removing the skin tag is a fairly simple procedure, and you can do it at home yourself.

For any complications that arise or for unusual or questionable circumstances, consult a vet.

Soak the tweezers and scissors in rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes. Remove and dry them thoroughly.

Lay your dog down and make sure he is comfortable. You may need someone to help you occupy your dog so he will not move.

Clean the skin around the tag, as well as the tag itself, with a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol.

Pull the skin tag as far away from the skin as possible, gently and without causing discomfort, using the tweezers.

Cut the skin tag off in one quick motion as close to the skin as possible, using the manicure scissors.

Apply a clean cotton ball saturated in rubbing alcohol to the area, and apply pressure to stop any bleeding.

Apply some antibiotic ointment to the area, and apply a small Band-Aid.

Clean the area two times a day until it is properly healed.


Make sure your dog is comfortable prior to beginning.


Skin tags around the mouth and lips should be examined by a pathologist after they are removed, to rule out melanomas, according to If the skin tag is large and very close to the skin, you should see your vet rather than attempting to remove it yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Tweezers
  • Cotton ball
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Manicure scissors
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Small Band-Aid
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