How to fix stuck pixels on an lcd

Stuck pixels appear as either green, blue or red dots of colour "stuck" on the display of an LCD screen. They should not be confused with dead pixels, which appear as black and are likely irreparable. The least invasive method of dealing with stuck pixels on an LCD display is by attempting to dislodge the problem pixel via a software fix. Stuck pixel software cycles the primary colours of the LCD display to reactivate the faulty pixel array.

Open your web browser, and navigate to the either JscreenFix or UDPixel website (see Resources). Both are downloadable freeware programs.

Click the "JscreenFix" link on the leftmost navigation bar; you should see a page headed by "JscreenFix applet". Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the blue "Launch JscreenFix" button. This opens a new window containing wildly fluctuating pixels designed to shake the stuck pixel loose.

Press the F11 key to maximise the applet so that is appears as a full-screen display, or click and drag the small applet box to the affected area. Allow the applet to work on the affected area for at least 20 continuous minutes.

Try an alternate program used to fix stuck pixels. UDPixel, or Undead Pixel (see Resources). UDPixel is a downloadable freeware program that features a full-screen wash to locate stuck pixels in addition to the strobelike effect that shakes stuck pixels free.

Note the location of the stuck pixel, then turn off the screen.

Dampen a thin cloth, such as a chamois cloth or a small hand towel. Place the cloth over your index finger and gently apply pressure to the affected area.

Continuing to apply slight pressure, turn the screen back on. When the display has been fully activated, release all pressure from the front of the LCD screen.


If you have continual or persistent trouble with stuck pixels on your LCD screen, consider downloading JscreenFix deluxe. JscreenFix deluxe is free to download and to use, and can run automatically on a set schedule or at your request.


The software fix is the preferred method of resolving the problem of stuck pixels. If you elect to attempt the manual fix that includes the application of pressure, be as gentle as possible. Further, you should be aware that any damage you might incur to your hardware may fall outside the boundaries of your warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • Chamois cloth or thin hand towel (optional)
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