How to Enter BIOS Setup on a Toshiba Laptop

Enter the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) on a Toshiba laptop to access settings pertaining to your system hardware and troubleshooting tools. The Toshiba BIOS is responsible for the communications between your system's hardware and your operating system. By entering the BIOS, you can change your system's boot order, set the time, set a BIOS password, view information about installed and recognised hardware and even diagnose certain hard drive problems.

Turn off your Toshiba laptop.

Press the power button on the laptop to restart it.

Press and hold the "Esc" key for three seconds as soon as the Toshiba laptop starts to boot. This applies to Toshiba laptops manufactured before Windows XP. For Toshiba laptops manufactured after the introduction of Windows XP, press the "F2" key as soon as the laptop begins booting. You do not need to hold the key.

Press the "F1" key when prompted by the onscreen menu to display the BIOS set-up menu.


Navigate the BIOS set-up on a Toshiba laptop using the onscreen instructions. You cannot use your mouse to navigate or change BIOS settings.


Ensure you have a full battery charge or are connected to a power charger to prevent power failure while changing BIOS settings. Incorrect or incomplete changes may cause boot or hardware problems.

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