How to Make Your Own Cigar Bands

Updated November 21, 2016

Personalised cigar bands can add a touch of pizazz to your next formal or corporate gathering. A signature cigar band can be used in various ways, such as to market your business, or to celebrate a wedding or other occasion. Creating your own cigar bands is easier than you think and more economical than hiring a printing company to do it for you.

Draw your design on a piece of paper. You should have a good idea of what you want the cigar label to say and a digital clip art image to use as your logo.

Turn on your computer and go to the "Start" menu. Under "Programs" open the Microsoft "Paint" program.

Click on "Image" and then "Attributes". Set the canvas size at a width of 200 pixels by a height of 39 pixels.

Select a colour for the background of the cigar band by clicking on the colour palette. Click on the paint bucket icon to fill the canvas.

Add text by clicking on the "A" icon. Select a font, letter size and colour.

Click "Edit" and "Paste From" to find the file containing your clip art. Click on it to insert it into your design.

Click "Save as" to save the image to your computer.

Open a new word document. Click "Insert", "Picture" and then choose "From file". Find your cigar band design, click the file name and "Insert".

Copy the design once it appears in the document. Paste several all over the page until it is full. Print on lightweight card stock. Cut the cigar bands out with sharp scissors.


Wrap the cigar bands around your cigars and use a drop of glue to secure into place.


If using the cigar bands for marketing efforts or a corporate event, make sure the clip art you use is copyright free to avoid possible legal action from the original artist.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Digital clip art image
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • White lightweight card stock
  • Glue
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