How to Check the Security Settings for the Wireless LAN PS3

Updated July 19, 2017

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) comes with a wireless network adaptor with which you can connect to wireless networks in your area. Most home wireless networks use some form of security to prevent unauthorised users from connecting to it and to protect the privacy of authorised users. Check the wireless LAN security settings on your PS3 periodically to ensure nobody has tampered with them.

Go to the "Settings" column of PS3's main menu.

Select "Network Settings."

Select "Settings and Connection Status List." This brings up a window listing several pieces of information about the PS3's wireless LAN connection, including the password type and network encryption being used.


The password used to connect to your wireless network is not shown on the "Settings and Connection Status" screen. If you've forgotten your wireless network password, ask the person who set up the network.

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