How to Hook a MacBook to a Projector

MacBook is Apple's consumer line of laptop computers, and the models from 2009 and 2010 come with a mini-DVI port. With this port and the necessary video cable, you can connect your MacBook to a digital projector. Once you have established the connection between the MacBook and the projector, the displays on both devices will be synchronised so that the content on the MacBook's screen will appear in the projector's image.

Make sure both the projector and the MacBook are connected to a power source and powered on.

Plug the mini-DVI adaptor into the appropriate port on the side of your MacBook.

Connect one end of the VGA cable to the mini-DVI adaptor and the other end to the VGA port on the projector.

Click on the apple icon in the upper-left corner of the MacBook's screen and select "System Preferences."

Go to the "Displays" control panel under the "Hardware" heading.

Click on the "Detect Displays" button to synchronise the images on the MacBook and the projector. If the MacBook's image does not appear on the projector, you may need to press the "Source" button on the projector until you get to the "VGA" or "Computer" option.

Things You'll Need

  • MacBook
  • Digital projector
  • VGA cable
  • Mini-DVI to VGA cable
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