How to Take Out a CD From a Dell Laptop

Updated December 15, 2016

Although there is a growing trend of smaller laptops without CD drives, most mid-size to large Dell laptops still have them. This allows you to use information found on CDs, including programs and music files. Once you are done using the CD on a Dell laptop, you eject it to remove the CD from the disc drive, either using the hardware button or the software on your computer.

Close any programs on your Dell laptop that may be using the disc drive.

Press the eject button on the side of the disc drive.

Remove the CD from the disc tray.

Open the Windows Media Player on your Dell laptop. Locate the disc on the navigation pane on the left side.

Hover your mouse over the disc and click the right touchpad button. Click “Eject.”

Remove the CD from the disc tray.


If your Dell laptop’s disc drive will not open through normal methods, you can poke a straightened paper clip or a toothpick in the hole to the right of the eject button. This will often free a stuck CD or CD tray.


There are hundreds of Dell laptops on the market with varying operating systems and hardware specifications. For information specific to your Dell laptop model, please contact Dell Support or consult your laptop user manual.

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