How to Get a Jamaican Birth Certificate

The Registrar General's Department (RGD), an executive agency of the Jamaican government, processes requests for Jamaican birth certificates. The RGD can help you obtain an original certificate for a newborn or, for an added fee, somebody older than 12 months. This vital document is necessary to obtain numerous important documents, including a Social Security card, passport or driver's license. Various private institutions and businesses also might ask for a copy of your birth certificate.

Gather the appropriate data for the birth certificate application form. The RGD's online birth certificate application form requires the following information: number of certificates you are applying for (multiples are available for a discount); child's first and last name; date of birth; sex; place of birth (hospital or home address); parish of birth; registration number; mother's last name; mother's maiden name; applicant's first and last name; applicant's address; applicant's relationship to child; e-mail address; and reason for applying.

Locate the appropriate birth registration (a.k.a. birth entry). For most applicants, this will be the most difficult piece of information to obtain. The registration number is printed on the original birth certificate and on the certificate of registry (a.k.a. pink slip). It is two letters followed by three digits. The RGD can look it up for you, but they charge £65 Jamaican.

Fill out a birth certificate application form. Paper copies of the form are available at RGD regional offices and major post offices. The form is available electronically through the RGD's website,

Submit the application along with the appropriate fees. Prices are available at the RGD website.


The RGD will process 7-day express orders for a fee of £325 Jamaican. Sometimes a photocopy of a birth certificate is all you need. It never hurts to ask if this is the case.

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