How to Remove Write Protection from a DVD Disc

Updated February 21, 2017

Write protection is a mechanism built into some DVDs that prevents information from inadvertently being erased. It prevents additional data from being burnt to the disc after the first attempt at doing so. When you try to burn information onto a DVD, sometmes even a recordable DVD may have write protection on it that renders it useless. In order to copy files to a write-protected DVD disc, the disc must first be properly prepared to allow new data to be written to the disc. This preparation procedure is known as formatting. Once the disc is formatted, you can record your information on it.

Insert the DVD disc into the computer's DVD-ROM burner drive. Click on "Burn files to disc" from the window that automatically pops up.

Type a name for the DVD disc in the "Burn a Disc" box. Click "Show formatting options" and choose a formatting option.

Choose "Live File System" to allow files to be copied immediately to the DVD disc, much like sending data to a USB flash drive or floppy disk. Live File System discs can only be read by Windows XP or later versions. Choose "Mastered" to have files be copied to the DVD all at once. This is the standard burning method; discs can be played back on any DVD-ROM drive.

Click "Next" to prepare the disc. Files can now be copied to the disc using the selected method.

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